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Zip Recruiter History

Located in Santa Monica, California, ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010 by four internet entrepreneurs that previously worked for other internet based companies such as CitySearch,,, Pictage and ThisNext.   Venture capital in the amount of $63 million helped successfully launch the project and bought Zip a high performance website portal with advanced features and enough money to buy high-visibility television and cable advertising.  Today ZipRecruiter is at the top of their game with an easy to use, full-featured interface, high name recognition and great user reviews.  

Keep it Simple but Highly Functional

ZipRecruiter’s emphasis is on keeping job search as simple as possible for both the job poster and the job seeker.  Even their home and internal pages are bare bones minimal yet highly functional.  The ZipRecruiter founders know what a pain it is to tediously weed through a stack of resumes to find the ideal candidate and has made employee search a much easier process. The founders and their developers toil over the user interface experience and make it a labor of love in order to ensure the user’s experience is unmatched in the job search industry.  

Instantly Post to over 100 Leading Job Boards

ZipRecruiter will post jobs initially free for employers and HR managers, concurrently to 100 leading job boards and social networks, all with a single click. Then they compile and organize all the prospective job candidates from each of the job sources as one single stream delivered to the recruiter’s admin panel. Here HR team members can screen each applicant and even share, discuss and evaluate their resumes amongst all of the hiring team decision makers. 

What Employers and Job Seekers should know about

  • ZipRecruiter is one of the easiest to use job board services out there. HR managers, small business owners and job seekers alike will appreciate the logical, intuitive layout and tools available to them. This is a game changer, trend-setting service setting new standards for job placement and search.
  • As of this writing, the existing database of resumes in the ZipRecruiter system is over 2 million and growing. Over 6 million job posts are available to job seekers with a single click.
  • The complex algorithm matching system regularly shares hundreds of emails and phone numbers obtained from resumes of job seekers with each employer every month. This information is critically-matched with data pulled from Zip’s huge database of job seekers. Actual number of contacts sent to an employer depends on the plan they have chosen.  
  • ZipRecruiter offers a four day free trial of their paid services to employers. You may cancel your user account at any time; however, there are no refunds for cancellation.
  • ZipRecruiter has job posting plans available for as little as $249 per month. That price gets recruiters up to 10 job slots posted simultaneously with no limit on the number of postings per month and unlimited candidates delivered. For large companies, a customized plan designed specifically to a company’s unique hiring needs based on numerous factors such as location, job industry, number of job slots required, number of resume downloads and user seats needed. Under this Enterprise plan, a customized pricing scheme will be provided prior to entering any payment information. ZipRecruiter’s monthly pricing model can save certain high volume employers tremendous amounts of money over standard job board services that charge by the post. 
  • If additional visitors are needed for a larger choice of mission-critical or hard-to-find candidates in such fields as software developer or the medical fields, or if a recruiter simply needs a flood of applicants for a new position, then ZipRecruiter offers a service called TrafficBoost. This service promotes the recruiters listing to millions of active job seekers via sponsored feeds and direct daily email alerts to their over 15 million active job seekers. This gets up to 300 additional candidates to the recruiter’s job description page flooding the recruiter with qualified applicants.
  • The system is setup from the ground up to help recruiter teams collaborate on choosing new hires. All team members can have access to submitted resumes simultaneously. Recruiters simply invite another team member or collaborator via email. That designated person clicks on a link, and then creates their own password to collaborate and login for future sessions. Each HR team member is able to share, discuss, screen, evaluate and comment on resumes together, thereby each member playing an active role in the decision making process. This creates a more productive and efficient hiring process and cuts recruiting time.
  • Recruiters are able to configure their listings to send an automated message from ZipRecruiter along with any additional personal message from the recruiter appended to the email to the candidates that complete the application process.
  • Recruiters can add interview questions in the application process to assist in filtering out unqualified candidates. The questions will appear as the applicant works their way through the application process. Their answers are displayed to the recruiter when they review the candidate’s application page. If any of the recruiter’s questions are designated “deal breakers,” and the applicant answers incorrectly, they will be hidden from the list of candidates as the recruiter reviews the applicants. 
  • Recruiters have the ability to add labels to candidates with specific phrases such as “potential interview” or “call back.” They can then filter the list of candidates by these custom created labels.  The labels are shown to all collaborators in the recruiters company but labels are not shown to the candidates. 
  • Premade templates are available for recruiters for rejection letters, interview requests and much more. Alternately, recruiters can create their own emails and bulk deliver them or an email template to any number of applicants on the list.
  • The mobile app for recruiters is a full-featured tool that allows for posting job openings, viewing and sharing resumes, along with receiving alerts upon every new application received.
  • Job seekers are also afforded new and easy mobile app functionality that allows them to post a resume and apply with a single tap. They are able to see via notification, alerts as to when their contact information has been considered by a recruiter and when their resume has been viewed.