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Changing Times

Snagging a job nowadays is not always easy.  Just about every field is evolving quicker than ever before. Technology is deeply ingrained as part of just about every individual’s job responsibilities.  Since technology and a career are so inextricably linked, youth seem to have the advantage and the competition in today’s job market is fierce and often surrendered to those with a tech mindset. For the rest of us, keeping up with young minds and the technology that is expected of employers is not easy, we may be forced to consider other temporary job choices to make ends-meet and survive in an increasingly challenging job market.

This may indeed be the scenario for many job seekers while others may need to work as they attend college.  Others may need to maintain 2 or 3-part time hourly jobs as their regular gigs as the world grows more complex and keeping up with technology is not an option.

Thankfully hourly stopgap jobs are now easier to find, ironically using advanced technology and algorithms on the web portal.  Known as America’s largest hourly employment network, Snag a Job is the portal for employment-in-a-pinch. At this space on the internet employees can find part-time and full-time hourly jobs from accounting to zookeeper.

History of

With headquarters in Richmond Virginia, the company first discovered its niche in the hourly and part-time job sector going back to the year 2000.   Founder Shawn Boyer nurtured the company and its employees initiating the company on a philosophy of creating a truly fantastic work environment for its employees.  Doing so brought awards in workplace quality from both Fortune Magazine and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 for several years sign 2010.  Even though it is not a structured public company, secured over $41 million in funding from a couple of venture capital firms.  This enabled it to go from startup to national employment network with exceedingly high status it enjoys today.

What Employers and Job Seekers Should know about

  • There is no locked-in contract needed for employers to post jobs. Payments for job slot postings are month to month with the ability to cancel the service at any time. Even if an employer cancels they can continue their service up to the billing cycle date.
  • When employers first go to purchase a package, they enter the zip code of the location and the system immediately tells them the total number of candidates in the system that are near the employer’s location.
  • Employers are assigned job slots rather than job postings. This means they can rotate job openings in and out any of the job slots for the package they purchased. For example, if an employer purchases an $89/month package assigning them one slot, they can rotate different jobs into this slot as jobs are filled. There is also unlimited editing of the content of these slots at any time.
  • Some of Snag a Job’s features to employers include: Applicant Tracking that allows employers to manage online and offline received profiles all in one place to quickly sort through new, reviewed and declined applications; Candidate Search that allows employers to search for local job seekers who’ve shown an interest in similar jobs and invite them to easily apply for the employer’s job; One Click Applications that allow the employers to enable auto fill for job seeker applications so no forms need to be filled-out by the applicant, thereby increasing application flow to the employer and shortening the time to hire; Email Boost that notifies 1,000 local job seekers who’ve applied to similar positions in the past, increasing the number of received applications to the employer; Personality Assessment that enables a fun, quick and scientifically proven picture based personality assessment test designed to help employers identify higher quality applicants; Job Board Distribution that posts job listings to 10+ job boards with a single submission to sites such as Jobs2Careers and JobsOnline, to widen the distribution network; Employee Reporting that allows employers to export employee information to move this info between locations.
  • Three posting level pricing plans are available for employers/HR managers. The first level plan at $89/month includes 1 job slot, applicant tracking, unlimited candidate search, 1-click applications, and email boost. The second level plan at $99/month includes 1 job slot, applicant tracking, unlimited candidate search, 1-click applications, and email boost, with the addition of personality assessments and job board distribution. The third level plan at $249/month includes 3 job slots, applicant tracking, unlimited candidate search, 1-click applications, email boost, personality assessments and job board distribution with the addition of employee reporting. They also have custom plans for larger employers priced on an individual basis.  These are actual custom full-scope solutions that handle every aspect of the hiring process, including new hire paperwork.  
  • Job seekers get email alerts of new jobs in their sector sent directly to their inboxes. Snagajob does a good job at matching job seekers searches and profiles with relevant job alerts.
  • Jobs posted being of an hourly and part-time nature, tend to have a high turnover rate, consequently job seekers will find new jobs posted regularly, almost each time a user logs in.
  • Job seekers can make use of the job tips forum which provides them with a wealth of crucial job search information from industry experts. Here job seekers can post questions to be answered by the experts in a timely fashion.
  • We found the job search for job seekers interface having lots of ways to comprehensively search for jobs but in some need of some improvement in logical flow and intuitiveness.
  • Job seekers fill-out a one-time application for the main Snag a Job site. Unless One Click Apply is enabled by the employer, seekers are then directed to the individual employer’s sites to fill out some of the same information at the employer’s website. We would appreciate a more automated process of autofill for at least some of the fields to help streamline the application process for jobs that don’t have One Click Apply feature. Seekers can immediately see which jobs allow One Click Apply when searching for jobs.