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One of the Originals

As one of the early internet employment services, popping-up after and Yahoo at the forefront of the internet, experienced huge success. Officially launching in 1999, is still one of the top employment websites on the internet. A unique and humorous Super bowl ad featuring children talking about dead-end jobs in 1999 helped to catapult the company to star status amongst the new model for job acquisition. Monster had significant competition in those early years from but in 2010 ended up obtaining the ailing Yahoo service for $225 million.  Today, Monster is just behind in internet traffic and popularity. 

Applying for Employment Made Easy

Monster has tons of jobs listed mainly due to their longevity and loyal recruiter base.  This is a true one-stop job service that maintains a database of their own job listings rather than trolling the internet for listings from other job services and sources.  In this was job seekers are able to apply to many job listings with their single application and resume that is resident within the database. Some of the other services that scrap from various corporate job listings and other employment services require job hunters to go through a separate application process for each listing. 

Career Tools Galore

Monster specializes in comprehensive career tools and resources that other services sometimes lack.  They are focused on helping job seekers stand-out in today’s competitive job market.  These tools and long-term name recognition have helped Monster stay at the top of the online employment service sector.

Loyal Customer Base

Monster’s name recognition and loyal customer base remains significant amongst job seekers and employers alike.  Many HR managers and small business owners have come to rely on Monster over the years to find highly qualified, top of the crop employees.  Job seekers love as a complete and comprehensive job portal that takes them by the hand to help develop a perfect resume, determine their ideal career goals and finally direct them in landing their dream job.

Seeking Perfection

  • We would like to see monster offer the ability to create an employer/recruiter account without first purchasing a job listing package. This seems to be the new standard for many of the newer scraper/integrator job sites.
  • We would also like to see a simpler design similar to or with less promotional ad content and banners jumping out at you.
  • A move to a more sterile and simple site will allow for improved navigation and mastery of the site layout.
  • In searching online forums we find a number of unhappy customers for Monster Resume Perfect service. It’s important to note that resume writing is a subjective undertaking and some of these negatives may be due to differing expectations and a lack of proper communication between the customer and provider.
  • Online forums also show some complaints in regards to job seekers not receiving enough responses to their resume submissions. This may be a matter related to Monster’s advanced and demanding resume matching algorithms designed to deliver the most highly qualified resumes to recruiters.  

What Employers and Job Seekers should know about

  • With Monster for Employers, job recruiters receive qualified applicant resumes in several ways. The first by getting up to 20 “system-matched” responses to the recruiter’s posted job. The recruiter also receives manually-submitted responses directly from the applicant. Employers are also able to easily source candidates on their own with Monster’s advanced matching technology.
  • Unlike some other services, employers get to have their job ads in front of a substantial number of potential job candidates as they are distributed across the extensive Monster network of 1,000 newspaper partner sites and the company’s mobile apps.
  • Employers will like the Monster Power Resume Search. This search feature helps to weed out non-qualified individuals by presenting only resumes from best-matched, most highly qualified applicants aligned with the details of the job opening. This improves efficiency in finding the most qualified applicant and saves the recruiter a tremendous amount of time. 
  • In today’s complex, interconnected world of the internet and social media, job recruiters need assistance in navigating the vast complexities of it all. This is where the Monster Power Recruiter Workshop comes in. This one-day, action-packed program takes participants on a journey to examine the latest tools, tricks and tactics to assist recruiters in developing powerful insights and strategies for success.  Participants of this seminar will learn how to engage with more qualified candidates, improve social recruiting outcomes, and reduce search times for candidates.  As an added bonus, upon completion participants gain 6 General HR recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.
  • LinkedIn is quickly becoming the go-to resource for recruiters looking for additional information about applicants. Using the Monster’s service, Job seekers can save time and spark more interest by adding their public LinkedIn profile when submitting applications for job postings.  In this way real time changes in job seekers LinkedIn profiles are instantly updated within the submissions recruiters receive, thereby saving them time researching applicants further.
  • For job applicants looking to write the best resume possible, Monster maintains an extremely helpful Resume Resource Center that helps seekers revise, correct mistakes and fine-tune their resume.
  • Monster’s Salary Calculator, helps job seekers find what various company’s pay in different cities and geographic locations.
  • Their Career Snapshots feature gives job seekers info on 2500 potential occupations with industry professionals offering their expert reviews of work conditions for specific fields. Included are job duties details, growth potential and links leading to featured job positions within the specific job category.
  • Monster’s Career Mapping feature helps seekers actually map out their career goal with planning tips and tricks offered by the system along the way.
  • Monster’s Working Blog offers another means for job hunters to utilize content written in the blogosphere for tips and creative career ideas in order to help plan career paths.
  • Career Benchmarking is a comparative analysis tool for job seeker metrics related to an individual’s chosen career. Data on similar nationwide positions are given to include comparative salaries, benefits, work-life balance, commute time, education, training differences and experience level.
  • The Career Advice Center includes valuable expert advice contained in over 2,000 articles on topics such as job hunting strategies, interview tips, negotiating salaries, career development, possible issues within the workplace and much more.
  • Additional general purpose articles are available on the monster website with important information on topics such as, top hiring companies of the month, seasonal job lists, social-media red-flags employers look for, tricks to writing a perfect cover letter, resume mistakes, popular job cities and much more.
  • Monster Forums are always available to offer interactive community career guidance from other job seekers and experts from various industries.
  • The Career Assessment Center tool includes an introspective information section with tons of links to career assessment resources. Additional links and content are made available for interactive career assessment testing resources to help point the way to job hunter’s future careers. The Personal SWOT section, short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats is where seekers can do a complete assessment of their career and direction to help them make important career decisions. 
  • Monster offers a Salary Wizard that will give seekers information to assess salary and benefits of a particular career by job classifications and regions. The Cost of Living Wizard allows for comparisons of salaries and cost of living factors between cities. The Job Assessor helps seekers consider two competing job offers side-by-side to help them determine the best offer while the Benefit Wizard brings to light the amount employers spend on benefits.
  • A Federal Career Tools section includes a CareerOneStop resource for finding information on federal jobs including wages, duties, education required, and trends in employment. Additional access to resources include O*NET database of hundreds of descriptions of federal jobs with comprehensive metrics of those jobs. Included in this section is access to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for finding statistics on particular job trends, growth projections and layoff information.
  • The Company Research Tools section is an all-inclusive section with access to Monster Job Search for browsing job listings using a diverse assortment of advanced search methods including job title and location.  Included in this section is access to Hoover’s database of Companies and organizations to help find detailed aspects and info on specific potential employers and industries. Access to the Securities and Exchange Commission is also available in this section to research and assess publically traded companies as to their financial strength.