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Bare Bones High Performance

Over the last several years an industry leader in job search has demonstrated that keeping it simple yet highly effective will render tremendous gains.  In the same way that Google focuses on providing the most pertinent internet search results, so focuses on finding the most best-matched job postings for job seekers.  Indeed’s famously simple home page job search interface is hauntingly simple with tremendous brains working behind the scene.  This is very similar to Google’s dominance of the internet in using a simple frontend with a powerful algorithm that yields the most pertinent search results for search.

Indeed History

With the main corporate headquarters in Austin Texas, the company was founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. These two got their start with another job search site for financial professionals called Jobsinthemoney.  A respected project and highly acclaimed by Forbes Magazine, Jobsinthemoney was sold in 2003 to Financial News, a leading publisher in the finance industry.  In 2004 this provided the capital for their new venture.

Indeed began dominating the organic search results in 2010 when it muscled past in terms of website traffic. As the second decade of the new millennium began, an interesting phenomenon took shape; job seekers doing organic Google job searches suddenly found that the top several return results were from a new player on the block…  In 2012, Indeed became an independent operating unit of Recruit Co. Ltd. As of this writing their job service is available in over 50 countries utilizing 28 languages.

An Aggregator Website is technically what is called an aggregator website, obtaining its job listings from hundreds if not thousands of postings across the internet.  These sources are from other job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. It is essentially a search engine specializing in job listings. The Indeed algorithm, is where the tires meet the road in that it determines the best return results for a given search phrase, advanced search parameters and even job history (if signed into an Indeed account with job history information). When a job seeker applies for a job using Indeed, they are typically taken to the originating site where the job listing was pulled from.  Many times this is an irritation factor but the advanced search arrogation abilities of Indeed more than make-up for this frustration for the job seeker.

What Employers and Job Seekers Should know about

  • According to SilkRoad, Indeed has two times more hires than any other job site. Indeed may soon grow to delivering three times more hires than Monster, LinkedIn and CareerBuilder combined and ten times as many as Craigslist. As of this writing, 180 million people visit Indeed every month, giving employers and job posters access to tremendous talent from numerous job specialties.
  • In today’s world of growing internet devices over 50% of job searches are made on mobile devices. The jobs employers post on Indeed will accept applications from any mobile device.
  • Employers, HR managers or other job posters are able to create an account, enter job descriptions, review applications, manage candidates and schedule interviews from their Indeed account.
  • Using “Indeed Resume,” a database with more than 60 million resumes, employers can search this vast database of resumes for free in order to find qualified candidates across virtually every industry and location. Contacting job seekers is initially free on Indeed for the first 100 contacts, thereafter only one dollar per contact.
  • com provides a free service called “Company Pages” giving job seekers insights into employers and helping prospective candidates create an information-packed experience that encourages them to utilize Indeed for their job search. As of this writing more than 10 million employer reviews are currently resident on the Indeed portal. This service helps increase visibility to companies, establish a company brand and promote a company culture while assisting in driving the culture-correct prospects to an organization.
  • To reach more qualified candidates, employers and HR managers posting jobs can pay to promote their postings with an Indeed service called “Sponsored Jobs.” This service places those postings as the first job listings job seekers see and typically obtain five times more clicks than non-sponsored listings. This pay-per-click service cost as little as $5 per day but can escalate significantly beyond that. It is a highly effective way for Employers to obtain an elevated level of applicants, ensuring more appropriate matches for a company’s open positions.
  • While Indeed provides some online forums for certain sectors of the job market where job seekers can discuss their successes and failures in the job market and learn of salary information for these sectors, it is our opinion that they could use some additional tools. A comprehensive choice of career development tools such as networking assistance, resume writing and career advice for job seekers would help put the icing on the cake for this otherwise highly effective job website.
  • The Indeed “Advanced Search” feature for job seekers is truly advanced. Job seekers can find more appropriate jobs by adding a combination of keyword phrases that apply to their expertise. In this example we will use a person seeking a job as a graphic designer. He would of course include the phrase “graphic designer” but may also include the phrases, “bitmap artist” or “vector artist” to find all of the jobs that apply to these specialty categories.  The job seeker may also use the negative search tool in conjunction with the above that returns job listings that have all of the positive keyword phrases without certain non-desirable keyword phrase such as “video editor.”
  • Apps for tablets and smartphones, iPhone, iPad, and Android apps can be downloaded. As of this writing, Indeed doesn’t have a BlackBerry or Windows app, but its website is a responsive designed site that renders well on almost all mobile devices.

Some Company Reviews of Indeed

“I’m so thrilled. I see them as partners, not just a tool. It fits our agency. It’s like we are family.”
Darrell Miller – Executive Director, Pathways Hospice

“Indeed is one of the best choices I have made so far in my business.”
Bridget Richard – Owner, Lamplight Counseling

“The Indeed site is an innovation that has transformed our business because it has allowed us to significantly lower our talent acquisition costs, cut time out of our talent acquisition process, and yet still get the top talent that we need to drive our company.”
Gregory King – VP of Business Development, Hancock Software