Find Jobs in Demand

The American workforce has lost manufacturing jobs at an alarming rate over the last several decades. In the 1960s, things were quite different with jobs deeply entrenched in manufacturing at 28% of the workforce.  Today, manufacturing jobs clock in at only 8.7% of the nation’s jobs.  Many fault globalization and free trade agreements, but most of the losses occurred after 2001.  More of the latest losses were attributed to factory automation, robotics and of late, artificial intelligence. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the latest number of total job openings at 5.5 million, obtained from sample data on the last business day of November 2016. Oddly enough, while manufacturing has taken a dramatic hit due to several factors as listed above, there are numerous skillsets in the job market that don’t have enough applicants to fill the high demand. The question is, are you studying for or engaging in a field where there is high demand and not a field that represents a glut.  Why not go for a job sector where you’ll almost be guaranteed employment for the foreseeable future? As per, the job search giant, the U.S. is losing $160 billion a year due to skilled jobs that go unfilled.

There are plenty of individuals looking for work out there but the problem is there are not enough qualified people to fill the highly skilled and specialized jobs that are at the heart of the new economy. Specialized jobs like software engineers, big data analysts, artificial intelligence experts, skilled medical professionals and their assistants.   This section will bring into focus a relatively new problem in America, not enough qualified employees for a given job skill. We will present a comprehensive list of in-demand jobs with more openings than applicates and publish a growing list of descriptions of each job type. We hope to better guide and equip the new workforce participants in preparing for their future with employment options that will help them remain viable long into the future. We have started this section to bring more awareness to this unique, dualistic trend in the job market.  We hope to help individuals choose careers focused on job-skills where companies can’t find enough applicants rather than remain focused on skillsets that have high unemployment numbers.  Perhaps saddest of all is that many of the workforce have dropped out entirely rather than refocused their efforts on a new career.  

Use this information to better direct you towards new and high-demand career goals.  Look at the job descriptions along with the educational and work related experience required for each.  If you have experience, schooling or even an interest and some self-taught skills in one of these fields, you may be in greater demand than you realize. These listings represent actual open positions across the nation that we have on file for numerous employers.  Prepare yourself for a future of unlimited career potential by focusing your efforts on one of these fields.