Our top ten list of the best job websites is not cultivated by accident.  We do our homework, accessing many sources across the internet to help HR managers, small business owners and job seekers better understand the vast landscape of employment websites out there.

Information is king when you approach any task; your next job is no different.  We aim to provide comprehensive information that may lead to a decision that has lifelong consequences for an individual…their career.  We believe that finding the job website best suited to person’s unique skill-set, temperament and job history is crucial to their success.

Some Aspects We Look at to Determine the Best Employment Portals

Site Traffic is Crucial

When looking to determine the quality of a site, the general consensus is that the public knows best.  Typically numbers don’t lie and website traffic determined by third party metric websites is crucial to deciding on our comprehensive list of top job websites.  Traffic metrics from such services as alexa.com, traffic.com, sitescore.com, quantcast.com and more are integrated into the decision making process of our rankings.  We may change from time to time the selection of traffic ranking sites we use to make our decision but we attempt to look at a broad cross-section of traffic results as we go about creating our list. 

Features when Browsing Job Postings

  • We consider browsing the job site to be of critical importance to job seekers. After all, if potential employees are stumbling around trying to determine the options for their next career move, they are limited as to finding all of the potential opportunities available to them. 
  • The ease and intuitive nature in site browsing ranks high on our list of positive attributes in the build or our lists.
  • We believe a site should have a very good search by zip code or a specific city/state location with multiple means to filter the location information.
  • If the job website portal is an international site, which gives brownie points in our book, then we prefer it maintains a separate site dedicated for each foreign country location.
  • Some job seekers want to see older job listings but most prefer newer listings. Additional points are awarded for sites that help you effectively work your way through the aging of listings. 
  • Since the majority of job sites are free to browse, any site not having this benefit will incur a serious demotion from our raters.  
  • The search filter should always have a selection for salary range in order to eliminate those positions that will only waste a seekers time.
  • Advanced search targeted functionality for such parameters as specific company name, job title, experience level, inclusion keywords, exclusion keywords, part-time work, full-time work, remote work, telecommute, contract work, internship and so forth adds value points.
  • Job services where individuals create an account to allow for saved searches upon a job seekers return are worthy of additional rating points.

Ability to Create an Account

Many job sites allow for an account creation which is helpful for returning to the site for more than just saved searches. Accounts allow for the ability to literally maintain all of a user’s resources including their resume, details of their work history and a listing of jobs applied. Also email alerts let you know when a new job that matches your criteria has been posted saving users time in continual returns to the job portal to check for new employment opportunities.  Account creation on some more advanced job sites they will actually help pinpoint a seekers search by matching available job postings to their qualifications on their resume and/or profile. The ability to create an account and those sites that allow more advanced artificial intelligence aspects are additionally favorable rating aspects. 

Articles to Assist Job Posters and Seekers

We also include a number of constantly updated articles on the subject of human resources and company job hiring practices.