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Job Service Help is the review source for both employers and employees to help maximize efforts and avoid wasting time. Finding good candidates for an open position in today’s environment is tougher than ever. Employers looking to find job candidates that meet their critical job descriptions are using new internet tools that previously were not available to them.  Employees need to ensure they are using the latest technology and resources available to be sure their credentials are seen by the largest number of best-match employers.  

Advanced Functionality

Many of the new era employment websites have advanced, rocket science functionality such as notifying job seekers when their profile or specific applications have been viewed by potential employers.

Give Me Your Hand

Unlike older website technology, today’s employment websites take the job poster and job applicant by the hand and guiding them through the process while informing them as to the next important step in the process.

Mobile Apps

Website uploads and employer access couldn’t be easier with today’s job portals.  Job websites use mobile apps that allow uploads of job applications and resumes for seekers and full-access functionality for employers.

First Place

Founded in November 2004, has risen to the top to enjoy significant penetration in the job posting market and in 2010 muscled past in unique visitors. Indeed seems to lead in organic search generating significant traffic as a result of their superior search engine positioning across many job category and city searches.  

Second Place

Founded in January 1999, has a longevity advantage over Monster with a very loyal customer base. Superior name recognition among employers and employees alike abounds. Through the years Monster has led the pack.  This groundbreaking employment service website remains in a tightly contested top position with Indeed.

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Employers or employees need to be informed of trends, issues and changes surrounding human resources and job markets. In our blog section we include a growing base of current articles on the subject of human resources and company best hiring practices.