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Finding a Highly Qualified, Dependable Employee(s) from the Largest Available Pool of Qualified Individuals...Monster Coupon Codes Deliver!

Monster Job Service and Hot Jobs have combined to provide you with the largest database of high-qulified candidates for your company NOW! This new mega job site is your solution to finding the ideally suited employees. If you are a business owner or HR manager, combined with empowers you with more choices and better likelihood of finding the ideal candidate(s) you need to help keep your company's profitable through both the good and slow times.

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  • Through the combined power of and Yahoo Hotjobs you will now have one of the absolute largest and most diverse databases of qualified job applicants at your disposal. These two employment-company giants will make it easy for you to manage your complex human resource tasks.

  • brings you more than coupons and promotions we want to help your company with reviews of the most popular employee-search websites designed for you, today's employer.

Free Human Resource Department Articles for Your Company

At the right titled Helpful H.R. Dept Articles, you will find a selection of human resource articles designed for the business-owner, employer or human resource manager relating to important issues in hiring and recruitment. They are designed to assist you in your quest to find the perfect job candidate.

Free Job Sector Articles and Information to Help Your Company Spot the Trends

Also, under Helpful Job Sector Articles, you will find a selection of articles pertaining to the various job sectors. These articles will help the human resource manager understand various job sectors and assist in his/her duty to find the best applicant.

Job Service Blog - Need to Understand the Direction of the Job Market?

The job market is so difficult to predict nowadays. Job Service Help is there to assist in the complicated mess of figuring the direction of the job market and when you should ramp-up for the next boom. Find direction and understanding of the economy and job market with helpful current event blog entries.

Sample Job Description Section

Human resource managers and small business owners need to quickly access quality job descriptions for an upcoming employment positions. Browse the growing list below to find the job descriptions you need for your next job posting. NOTE: These descriptions are for print or job application purposes only, they may not be used for direct copy and paste Internet purposes.

Read our Job Blog Postings

Nissan Hiring

Hundreds of new jobs are coming to Tennessee in the very near future. Nissan will eventually be providing over 400 new jobs at its new four-cylinder engine facility in Decherd, Tennessee.

Read More

Nissan Hiring 400 Workers

Jobs in San Francisco

Thanks to the high-end tech sector, an exceptional American city maintains a mere 4.4 percent unemployment rate while the rest of the nation continues to languish at 6.3 percent and some states such as Nevada still at 8 percent.

Read More

Job Opportunities in San Francisco
Starbucks College Education

Starbucks wants to give its thousands of employees a chance at a 4 year post secondary degree. The company just revealed their College Achievement Plan available to all employees that work as little as 20 hours a week.

Read More

Starbucks Employees get College Education
ADP Job Data for June

ADP released its estimates for new job creationi in June 2014. The numbers are the highest we've seen in a while at 281,000 new jobs created.

Read More

281,000 New Jobs Created in June
Employees Leaving their Jobs

More employees are quitting their jobs in search of better pay, benefits and opportunities. The economic indicator called the "quit rate" is at its highest level since 2009. But there is still a long way to go before the jobs are there once again for our college grads.

Read More

2 Percent Quit Rate is Encouraging for Economy
Google Innovating the Work Environment

Google is the leader of perks and benefits for their workers. They are on the verge of a revolution in the development assistive work environments and a more human-centered perspective. Sergey Brin and Larry Page offer up their latest ideas for shorter work weeks and putting the worker first.

Read More

Tons of Benefits and Shorter Work Weeks on the Horizon?

Human Resource and Employment Directory

Take a look at the new Job Service Help HR-related directory, where you'll find a multitude of helpful websites arranged in a directory format associated with a diverse spectrum of human resource and employment related categories. Browse the directory's categories to have a look at some great websites. Click here to browse the directory or submit your site.

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